Rc Car-Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

  • See what the car sees with live color video built right into the controller!
  • Real night vision to see in complete darkness!
  • Delete bullet point #3
  • Includes one RC vehicle and one color video controller.

The Spy Video Car VX6 is an RC vehicle that transmits live video to a color LCD screen on the remote. Drive the car into different rooms throughout your house (transmits through walls); and drive it in total darkness (has infrared night vision). See what’s going on wherever the car goes!

The first thing you will notice if you buy this product is the packaging. The manufacturers have made sure that both the car and the controller is in no way going to move in the packaging. Unfortunately this leads to a little bit of time on unpacking it. The car is actually screwed into the cardboard backing and the controller has 4 lock nuts locking it into the cardboard backing. Both of these are then covered with tape so it’s quite frustrating to actually get the car and the controller free of the packaging.
Once free however it’s very easy to setup, simply unscrew the battery compartments on both the car and the controller, insert your batteries (this takes 10x AA batteries, 6 for the car and 4 for the controller) and flick the switch to turn both the car and controller on and away you go.
The bad parts about this toy are :-
1. The batteries don’t actually last very long so over time this is going to be an expensive toy (cheaper to use rechargeables).
2. The screen size on the controller is tiny (only about 1 inch).
3. The resolution isn’t high at all (I was playing with this in my living room and had a hard time actually determining where the car actually was and what the camera was looking at. It was as if I didn’t know my own living room).
4. The camera in the car is fixed, you can’t move it (angle it), zoom it in or out etc.

Both the car and the controller are well built, will survive a few knocks and should last quite a while.
If you can live with the above points (they are actually fairly minor (this is a toy after all and not really a piece of spy equipment) except for the battery issue) then this is actually quite a fun little toy. Recommended.

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