New Bright 1:15 Radio Control Pontiac GTO Review

Great little car for the price, however, how much will it really cost you? Anything that runs on batteries is going to eat a hole in your purse. I’m not sure why they didn’t design it with one of those rechargeable battery packs. Probably because that would make too much sense. Other than that, it’s a fun toy, my son enjoys it, at least for the 45 minutes that it seems to last on batteries. We have two older New Bright remote control trucks that have battery packs and they are awesome! We’ve had them for years and they’re still ticking and very durable. I guess with all of the design and production short cuts companies are taking these days, product quality is suffering.
My seven year old son received this as a birthday present and this is his review: “I love it. It doesn’t usually make a sound when it crashes. It makes sharp turns. It looks really cool.” From Mom’s perspective, it seems to work just fine.
New bright radio control pontiac gto review11 New Bright 1:15 Radio Control Pontiac GTO Review