Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

  • Take your radio control experience off-road with the all new Rock Crawler from Maisto. This off-road radio control truck boasts articulated suspensions, two motors and low gearing to make for awesome rugged off-road action. Rock Crawler is 12.5” long and sports both front and rear suspension. Tri-channel transmitter allows for three people to play simultaneously with their other Maisto radio control vehicles. Go off-road with your brand new Rock Crawler today.
  • Two motors and low gearing make for rugged off-road action
  • Articulated front and rear suspension
  • Requires 3 AA batteries for vehicles and 1 9V battery for control (not included)
  • Tri-Channel Transmitter
  • Go off-road today
  • To correct the description, it actually needs 6 AA batteries.

    I wanted an inexpensive off road R/C vehicle that didn’t cost much over $100. I’m not planning on racing, just something for the yard and driveway. Well, this fit the bill perfectly. It will crawl over grass, sidewalks, sand, small animals, almost anything that gets in it’s way. It does exactly what you think those cheap R/C trucks SHOULD do but don’t. I drove it in the rain and through shallow water and it did great. The only downside so far is the whine of the motors but it probably geared to heck to do all that it does. I paid less for it at Wally World so shop around.

    + two motors
    + true four wheel drive
    + AA batteries (not some battery pack that is hard to find)
    + good value for the money
    + good tires and suspension

    – motor/gear whine

  • My 9 year old son got this for Christmas and he was happy with it. He makes up indoor obstacle courses with legos, books, rocks and other things to drive over. It pretty much went over everything no problem. The wheels are great! They’re not the plastic ones that have no traction that gets the car stuck with the wheels spinning & spinning. These wheels are bouncy and have great traction for climbing over things. My son takes it out into the snow (although it’s probably not recommended for wet snow) but it works all the same. The independent suspension is amazing! All 4 wheels bend independently, hense making “4 wheeling” easier. It requires 6 AA batteries and a 9 volt battery for the remote.
  • This is a great toy for my 4 years kid.Small radio for his small hands, very fun…and easy to drive and set up.Have real rubber tires,2 motors,good looking body,working shocks,includes battery pack and a charger…
    Recommended for kid or a first time radio controller.

Maisto r c rock crawler1 Maisto R/C Rock Crawler