Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Racing Car Review

I bought two of these Hot Wheels Stealth Rides for my son for Christmas last year. They both are still going strong, and we’ve never had a problem with them breaking. My son and his friends have driven them off of countertops, landing on the tile floor, but still no issues. I was so surprised to see these get a low rating since we’ve had ours for a year with no problems. I paid twenty five dollars for his a year ago, so the deal I’m seeing today is incredible.

Believe all the bad reviews, this is junk. Bought this for my nepehw (bought several for gifts – none of them worked correctly or at all). We tried to get this working and it wouldn’t even come on. I replaced the batteries and everything, still, this was a no-go. The others I bought had various issues – one would only go in circles and kept losing its tread. Complete waste of money!

My youngest son had originally received the orange tank and was disappointed as the treads kept coming off and it was very slow moving. My oldest son has the yellow racing car and is very satisfied with it – so we decided to purchase the yellow race car for my youngest son as well. We ordered it and received it very quickly, however, the car will not go straight, it only turns in circles. Needless to say, my youngest son is disappointed AGAIN.
Hot wheels rc stealth rides racing car review1 Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Racing Car Review