Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides – Green Lantern Racing Car Review

I bought 2 of these for 25$ each thru amazon as gifts for an 8&4 y.o. they were both able to use the cars without any problem. They have see thru green plastic in the Green Lantern cars which is kind of neat since it allows you to see all of the workings of the gears that drive the wheels and the mechanisms which allow you to fold up the car they also come with batteries already in the car and remote and include a spare set of batteries as well. The cars feel like they wont last long but they are still working here after 2 weeks. Its OK for what it is; If your kids are a little older they would probably appreciate a faster RC with better controls.
My five year old bought this car with some of his birthday money when it was priced at $25. Its definitely not worth more than that in my opinion, but it is a fun little toy, although it seems fragile. My son wanted a small car that he could play with indoors and he has played with it quite a bit over the last 10 days. He was frustrated with the controls initially, but eventually he put the car inside a copy paper box top and practiced until he got it. Ordering extra button-type batteries is worthwhile, since the batteries that came with it didn’t last. It uses LR-44 or AG13 batteries.
Hot wheels rc stealth rides green lantern racing car review11 Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides   Green Lantern Racing Car Review