• Push button on Finn McMissile for pop-out machine guns and rocket booster
  • Guns Light Up! Fins Pop-Up
  • Finn says 15 character phrases with original voice
  • Finn McMissile: 3 1/4” H x 4 1/2” W x 10” L
  • Ages 4+

The suave British spy is on a mission to provide lots of fun with this Transforming Finn McMissile RC Vehicle. The Cars 2 star boasts lots of exciting features including pop-out machine guns and wings, 15 characters phrases and pop-up fins!

I had almost the exact same experience that “Keith E.” had. Car was sluggish, even with fresh batteries. It feels cheap, too.

I have a number of the Air Hogs R/C cars with the ‘moving eyes’, so I am comparing this car to that model-type and there are a couple of things I would add:

The remote looks pretty cool. It looks like a flip cell phone, and it opens up into a remote with forward/reverse and left/right control sets (buttons, not levers). It looks great, but as a remote for the car it’s not very practical because your fingers just can’t work it well.

The wheels on this car are smooth rubber, so they don’t grip well (especially compared to the ‘moving eyes’ RC cars).

Even with these problems I was prepared to like the car, but this car was unresponsive to the remote from the moment it came out of the box. It might work for a minute or two, but then stop for no reason for a few seconds. Also, the flip-doors for the guns felt very cheap.

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